The Argument Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically Modified foods

The topic of genetically modified foods is one of great controversy and is surrounded by many pros and cons. At the center of this topic is how genetically modified foods or GMF’s as they are often referred to are produced and what actually is done in the process of creating these foods, and how accurate are the labels the manufactures of these genetically modified foods are when they finally reach the hands of the consumers. Many people would argue that genetically modified foods are beneficial, focusing on the argument that genetically modified foods can feed a lot of people and feed people in countries that don’t have access to foods that are rich in nutrients and the increased self-life and heartiness of these foods allow them to be shipped to remote areas and genetically modified foods can also be grow it extreme climate conditions such as drought, cold and heat. If proven to be safe then genetically modified foods are a tremendous break through and can help solve many of the issues surrounding world hunger. But the real issue is we truly don’t know if genetically modified foods are beneficial or not because these foods simply have not been study long enough to know the true long term health effects. There is a lot of ongoing research about these foods and it really comes down to what
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I feel these foods are considered unsafe simply because they are made in a lab, which means that they aren’t natural at all, according to Amie Tsang we need to eat natural, healthy food to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sometimes we need to refer back to our ancestors and follow the diet that they used because it was a very natural and healthy

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