Essay about The World 's Prime Power

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As the world’s prime power, the United States’ effect is felt all over the globe. Asia is no exception. From Philippines to China, America plays a critical part in the safekeeping of the region – including its political and economic affairs. Moreover, it serves as a vital cog in the power dynamics of the region and its collaboration is crucial in providing for the varied cross-border challenges in Asia.

In this day and age, no region has more potential for growth and development – especially in the economic sector – than the Asian region. Asia produces half of both global economic output and global trade as it houses above half of the world’s population (International Monetary Fund, 2015). In fact even in the United States, “the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group” are Asian Americans (Pew Research Center, 2012).

Both America and Asia are essential characters in each other’s on-going prosperity. Although the sustainability of this partnership is by no means guaranteed, considering the continuing effects of the ‘Global Crisis’. Addressing current macroeconomic and financial sector challenges is the top priority. In the area of domestic political sensitivity, both sides will have to figure a coherent strategy for responding to the evolving policy initiatives of each side in the financial and trade spheres. The progression of these initiatives in turn will be affected by developments at the global level.

Asia holds the key, merging both…

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