The World 's Most Useful Inventions Essay

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The automobile is perhaps one of the world’s most useful inventions. The increasing popularity of automobiles lends its way to globalization; making globalization possible. This singular system of transportation gives people, now termed drivers, the freedom to live where they want and the opportunity to travel and explore the world. Automobiles have also become a mark of one’s socio-economic status. Having more than one automobile becomes both a sign of wealth and a necessity to rural community workers, commuting from and to work in cities or metropolitans. Because of the speed of human consumption in this market, the inevitable wear and tear of machine parts necessitates a need for automotive mechanic shops. These automotive mechanic or repair shops provide a necessary service in this particular supply and demand dynamic. However, the lack of or improper management of the shops’ waste streams and how the waste is generated can cause potential and often long-term health effects for nearby residents. Unfortunately automotive repair shops are necessary evils, even in light of the poor management of their waste streams that can significantly pollute the surrounding environment, increase health issues for local residents, and invade safety policies. The automotive industry created service sectors, such as automotive mechanic/repair shops, which pose a silent hazard for surrounding communities. These shops generate the largest amount of potentially hazardous waste among small…

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