The World 's Current Security Environment Essay

2009 Words Dec 14th, 2016 9 Pages
The World’s current security environment is uncertain and complex. Globalization amplifies emerging conflicts that bring national and transnational security challenges to the United States, which require employment of the military as national instrument of power. The United States military supports conflicts ranging from peace to war, and varying in purpose, scale, risk, and combat intensity. The ability of the United States military to advance its national military objectives depends on it employs the force and the effectiveness of the force. In order to efficiently and successfully fulfill the national military objectives, military leaders should consider some major lessons from the past, like maintaining a capable force for a decisive victory, the use of conventional military forces during urban conflicts against Violent Extremist Organizations (VEOs), and strengthening the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance due to the growing Russian threat.
The United States military continually downsized the Army after Desert Storm, reducing its decisive capabilities that might be needed in the future large-scale operational war. Despite the rapid changes brought about by globalization, nation states remain the dominant actors in the international system. States still maintain their capabilities to harness power and focus human endeavors. Some states will try to revise the current international order, thus threatening United States national security…

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