The World Wildlife Fund For Saving Animals Essay

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The bottles in the water represent a school of fish but instead they are bottles because of how much pollution is in the waters. The deer same class conception. As we pollute the environment, animals on land and in the ocean both suffer from human behavior. I think these ads can cover any age group that can fully understand the problem with pollution because it affects all ages.
The “Deer” advertisement is a magazine ad for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and it is for public interest that is a non-profit organization. This advertisement was released in June of
2007 by Ogily and Mather agency in Romania. The location of this ad was in Romania but it is an international advertisement because it is a world fund for saving animals. In this advertisement it states “Rubbish can be recycled. Nature cannot”. This represents how humans should start recycling their indecomposable waste, rather than throw it into nature where animals live and have to suffer from many humans’ wrong choices.
The “Under the sea” advertisement was made in Switzerland for the Greenpeace brand magazine. It was made by Lowe Zurich in Switzerland and has become in international advertisement to many other countries in the world. This advertisement states, “The greatest wonder of the sea is that its still alive.” This is an advertisement for ocean conservation and helping the ocean to not get polluted. The pollution that gets into oceans are killing many sea creatures because they can get stuck…

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