Essay about The World We Live

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The world we live in is one based on ideas. But the concept of an original idea has faded away with time. Nowadays, it’s difficult to come up with an original idea considering the fact we have about five thousand years of recorded history predating us. Inspiration for almost every modern idea has come from works of the past. There hasn’t been a bigger source of inspiration within our history than that of the Ancient Greek Society. Their actions have left one of the biggest impacts in history on our society in everything from literature to the arts to mathematics. Some of the greatest innovations in technology, education and politics have come from the Ancient Greeks. Without their influence and presence within our history, the world as we know of it would be drastically different.

Before the days of hand-held cell phones, Twitter, Facebook and a whole myriad of attention grabbing inventions, one’s greatest source of entertainment was simply their own thoughts. These thoughts and simple ponderings of the aspect of life would eventually lead to the creation of some of the greatest intellectuals in existence and some of the greatest philosophical concepts ever thought of. Plato, one of the most prominent figures in the development of Western philosophy, is a prime example of such. The man’s workings inspired the likes of Socrates and Aristotle. These two men would go on to theorize great philosophical ideas such as the Socratic irony, the Golden Mean and the Theory of the…

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