The World War II : A Technological Revolution For Canadian Engineers And Research

1873 Words May 14th, 2015 8 Pages
World War II started a technological revolution for Canadian engineers and research. As Canada’s economy started to boom, Canadian development was one step ahead. Canadians insisted on changing their identity to an internationally noted world power. The Cold war ignited Canada’s change of identity. This was the first war where Canada was seriously threatened by attack coming to their territory. Canada changed its identity from being an agriculture and rural place to a strong nation with a booming economy, resilient military, heavy manufacturing and innovative economy. The thought of nuclear attacks caused Canadians to want to be more involved in this war. This meant a lot more time and money was dedicated towards the research and development of new methods to protect against a nuclear war. After proving themselves in two world wars, the allies could put trust into Canada to protect themselves and aid other members of the Western Block. NATO was very relieved when the Canadians took a large responsibility to supply the allies with resources, war equipment and their helpful new technology. Canadian scientists contributed to rapid advancements in technology through advancements in aviation, radar, the Space Race, War technology and medicine.
Aviation was an area where Canada was able to prove their identity through the trust of their allies. The Western Block understood that Canada was now a strong world power and felt as if they were able to give Canada a large responsibility…

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