The World War I Ended Hitler Essay

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After World War I ended Hitler was assigned by the military as a part of an intelligence unit that kept watch on the various political parties that had risen during the war. Among those was the German Workers Party. This party was one that was prideful in their anti-democratic, anti-communist, and anti-semitic beliefs. “ Its small group of faithful followers assembled each week for the discussion and study of political matters” (Fest 17). Hitler immediately saw how much their views aligned with his own and he was appointed party propaganda officer and he used that position to draw in new members. “Discovering his powers of oratory, Hitler soon became the party’s leader, changed its name to the National Socialist German Labor Party” (Immell 177). Having joined in the month of September 1919, he became the supreme leader of the party by July 1921. This position served as his trajectory to fully establishing and molding the party he dreamt of. Thus came the formation of Hitler’s group of followers, otherwise known as the Nazis. Going through extreme means such as appointing storm troopers who served as his guards and perpetrators in acts of violence at his command, Hitler was on a quest to make this party a more prominent part of society. Hitler employed Joseph Goebbels as the propaganda chief for the Nazi party. Goebbels went to extremes as well, in gaining a public following, by staging great spectacles all over germany to further spread the message Hitler was trying to…

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