The World War I And The Second Balkan War Essay examples

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During a time when Europe was already becoming very much divided, a young, South Slav Nationalist, came in and sparked World War I. Austria-Hungary and Russia were working towards controlling the Balkan states in Europe, and tensions only grew stronger. It was around this time that strong military alliances formed; Russia backing Serbia, and Germany backing Austria-Hungry. The man known as “the trigger,” who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and sparked the war, was Gavrilo Princip. Many put his name to shame as the man who persuaded Austria-Hungary to go to war with Serbia (which resulted in WWI), and many of those from Yugoslavia, saw him as a hero. The third Balkan war soon broke into a European war. In an attempt to take France (who was backing Russia) out of the picture first, Germany invaded Belgium. Soon after, Great Britain, who has agreed to defend Belgium, went to war with Germany, and thus a world war had begun (Adams 6-9). Princip was born in a small town called Obljaj (Bosnia) on July 13, 1894 (Butcher 42). His parents, Peter and Maria Princip, were fourteen years apart in age. He was one of nine, but only two, besides himself, survived birth. Maria was originally planning to call him Spiro, to honor her brother, but the priest insisted he be named Gavrilo, which is Gabriel (the saint) in Serbian (Butcher 61). When he was baptized the priest recorder his birthday incorrectly; June 13, 1894. Later in life the confusion between records would become much more of an…

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