How Franz Ferdinand's Life Affected The History Of Our World

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June 28 1914, the date of Franz Ferdinand death, majorly affected world history because his life sparked the start of World War 1. Ferdinand was on a family trip with his wife to go meet with Serbian nationalists. Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian nationalist in a with a group of people trying to kill Ferdinand, was not very fond of Ferdinand ideas and how he ruled their country. The Serbian nationalists wanted to break away from the Hungarian norm and create their own independent state. Of course Ferdinand wanted to keep the country together and unified so he wanted to keep his country in tact and not let the Serbians leave his declining country. While Ferdinand was on his way to meet with General Oskar Potiorek, governor of Bosnia-Herzegovina, he …show more content…
The craziness that was known as World War I, was made possible because of Franz Ferdinand 's life and death (Duffy). His inspirational/powerful lifestyle was what Austro Hungary needed, but his efforts came up short with his death. If his driver did not take a wrong turn, Earth may have never encountered World War I. I believe that if Franz was able to unravel everything he imagined he would be able to make his country great again. Even though Ferdinand came into power during the downfall of a country, if he stayed alive, and built up his army he may have been able to swing the country into a power house. He would be able to dig Austro Hungary out of the hole they dug their country into. Instead of a decline he could have made his country comeback to a prosperous state. Ferdinand should be remembered and honored forever for being thrown into a struggling country and trying his best. Franz Ferdinand 's laws he passed late in life were in the wrong place at the wrong time, was able to contribute to his country 's army, and finally Ferdinand powered the chaotic war of World War

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