Essay on The World That Could Be Heated Up

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Europa, a world that could be teaming with life. A liquid ocean underneath the icy crust. It is a hostile world above the surface. It is constantly bombarded by harmful radiation from its planet, Jupiter, because of its lack of an atmosphere. Its extreme temperature can make it even harder to colonize the surface. The temperatures can freeze liquid water in a matter of seconds. Low gravity can let astronauts reach escape velocity, which can cause them to go into space. So why haven’t we decided to travel to Europa until now? With freezing temperatures ranging around 102 Kelvin, it’s no wonder Europa is covered in ice. To avoid the frigid temperatures, the space station will be heated up by hydronics. Hydronics is the use of water through tubing in the floors and ceilings to make heating systems. Underneath the icy surface of this natural satellite, water can be found. Drills will be used through the ice to collect the water. Oxygen is provided by the natural satellite, Europa, at the surface by energetic charged particles. Also, since there is an abundance of water, oxygen can be obtained from the compound if it is broken down. Sunlight is not available here. Grow lights can be used which are powered by hydroelectric power. Colonists will use normal lights. Natural sunlight gives humans vitamin D. CED skylights that use nanoparticles to accurately simulate sunlight is a way to artificially produce natural sunlight. Food is needed for human survival. For protein,…

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