The World State And The United States Essay

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Laila Elgayyar In the World State, people lead “happy” oblivious lives with laws they chose long ago when they were plagued by war. While they might not realize what they are missing now, they are happy behind their wall of ignorance which they had chosen to build. Alternatively, people in the United States lead lives that can be sometimes filled with hardships and for some even misery. However, their lives of hard work can be rewarding for those who strive and work for a better future. United States’ citizens enjoy many freedoms (many taken for granted) and choices not available to people in the rest of the world. On surface the two societies seem complete opposite. However that is not the case. The World State and the United States share many common features in their system from social, to economic, to political. But the cold and rigid system is more obvious in the World State as Huxley presented the society clearly, offering rose-tinted glasses to no one. Unlike the United States where the truth remains hidden from the people. In the World State, people are conditioned using hypnopaedia, changing their morals to what the State want them to be. They are conditioned as babies to love new thing as to encourage consumerism and help the economy flourish. They are also conditioned not to worry and to take soma when trouble arises. These conditioning seem awfully similar to the media and commercial advertising in the United States. From catchy slogans to famous…

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