'Karl Marx' Theory Of Class Consciousness, And False Consciousness?

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That leads to the World State and the Controllers to have all the power while the people remain powerless and oppressed. The people in the World State, mostly the lower castes, have become a form of mass production to keep the economy of the masses above them stable. The Marxist and materialist theory claims that “the proletariat, the working class, who sell their labor and bodies but control none of the institutions or structures that generate the great wealth of the bourgeoisie” (Hall 74). Due to Ford’s idea of mass production, the World State Controllers believe that they can keep everyone under their control and power if they remain pleased and satisfied with what they have. Huxley creates a system in which the people are all basically …show more content…
According to Bethany Johnson’s article Karl Marx: Theory of Class Consciousness and False Consciousness, the Marxist theory claimed that “the working class first needed to develop class consciousness” (Johnson 1). The World State made many sacrifices such as religion, emotions, books, and history in order to keep everyone conditioned without having thoughts and opinions of their own and avoid a type of consciousness awakening. John was born in the reservation that kept all of its beliefs and culture therefore, when John entered the World State, he noticed all the flaws in the caste systems and wanted there to be a change. John told the people “I’ll teach you; I’ll make you be free whether you want to or not” (Huxley 213). He was aware of the false and oppressed lives the people where living and he wanted them to become aware of it. Mustapha was aware that any form of change could be harmful to the social stability because it could lead to consciousness awareness in the castes. That highlights Marxist theories of raising awareness to the oppressed in order for them to stand up to their oppressors and bring change to the

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