Essay about The World Smallest Political Quiz

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When I took the “World Smallest Political Quiz’ the political view corresponding with the answers given is left-liberal. However, before I can determine the accuracy of the quiz results I must first define what left winged and liberal political viewpoints are. According to Wikipedia’s website last visited 9/12/15, “Left wing politics are political positions or activities that accept or support social equality, often in opposition to social hierarchy and social inequality. They typically involve concern for those in society who are perceived as disadvantaged relative to others and a belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished.”( Wikipedia, politics.) Furthermore, according to Merriam- Webster’s website last visited 9/12/15, “ believing that government should be active in supporting social and political change: relating to or supporting political liberalism, not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted.” (Merriam-Webster website. Now that the definitions have been explained I will now explain whether I agree or disagree with the results.
Yes, I do agree with the results of my having the political view of a left-liberal. My entire life I have believed that people should be treated equally. I feel that skin color, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs should not be used as a determining…

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