Liberals And Conservatives In The United States

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America has been really split into two separate groups throughout time those two groups are known as Liberals and conservatives. Now these two groups have very different opinions on a broad range of topics. Their are not many things these two groups agree on throughout our nation 's history. Liberals believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity for all people no matter what happened in their past. They believe that it 's the government 's job to alleviate the problems that go on with in the united states not the people 's job. On the other hand are conservatives want everything to be like it was in the 1950s where people where people were either poor or rich if you were not fortunate enough to be successful in life then you were …show more content…
They Unlike conservatives who can care less about them as long as they don 't interfere with them. An example of liberals helping the poor people of america are free medical care within the united states this allows people no matter how poor you are to get medical attention for little to no money which sounds really important. Making sure people don 't spread disease and start dying off countries without free health care usually end up not being very healthy countries. Angus king even goes to say that “[It 's] a scandal — those people [opposing usage of Obamacare exchanges] are guilty of murder in my opinion.” - (Angus). He is right by saying that because there 's absolutely nothing wrong with health care and the people that disagree with the idea of cheap health care are the conservatives because they don 't want to pay taxes to help the other people in their country. It 's kind of sad that they don 't care about the other people living in their country. Also they try to raise minimum wage for workers in the united states which is great because these big companies pay their workers little to nothing when they know that they could spend ten times more money on the workers instead of keeping it for themselves. Even with raising the minimum wage is still barely enough to support a family according to chris dodd former senator he says "I have two young daughters who I 'm trying to educate them. I don 't think I could live on the minimum wage, but I 'm a strong advocate to seeing to it that we increase it at least to $9 or $10 to give people a chance out there to be able to provide for their families. That’s leadership in the country," (Dodd) So if raising the minimum wage to that little amount of money is not even enough to support a family well it shouldn 't be a big deal to raise it.

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