The World Organization Against Torture Essay

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OMTC - World Organization Against Torture.
The World Organization Against Torture-OMCT is a global network international non-government organization, who fights against torture, summary execution, enforced disappearances and all other cruel inhuman, or degrading treatment or human rights violation. OMCT acts to impure protection of human rights defenders through various the observations for the protection of human rights and the sponsorship of “Defend the Defenders” – raising public awareness on the situation of human rights defenders. They protect the defenders who have become victim of persecution and acts of harassment as a result of their activities in defence of fundamental rights and freedom. OMTC`s International Secretariat provides personalised medical, legal and/or social assistance to hundreds of torture victims and ensures the daily dissemination of urgent intervention across the world in order to protect individual and to fight against impunity. In the framework of its activities, OMTC also submits individual communications and alternative reports to the special mechanisms of the United Nations, and actively collaborates in the respect, development and strengthening of international norms for the protection of human rights. OMTC acts to improve protection of human rights defenders through various: 1) The observatory for the protection of Human Rights Defenders. 2) The sponsorship “Defend the Defenders.”
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