The World Of The Western World Essay

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In the Western World, like in most countries around the world, majority of the people had a desire for immense power and wealth. Many of the European explorers yearned to discover riches beyond their wildest imaginations. Many hoping to make these discoveries in far away countries as well as find a way to create a sea route to Asia. Many of the explorers went in pursuit of spices and luxury items, such as silk, gold, silver, ivory, etc.
Another reason why many people tried to expand and explore to other countries, was to help spread religion, mainly Christianity, to various places across the globe. In an effort to have Christianity as the most dominant religion in the world. These explorers also hoped to challenge the restraints of people 's ability and to be adventurous while traveling to unknown territory.
Some explorers wanted to become more advance and make improvements in technology, which is why many began to construct bigger, faster and stronger ships and they also developed more enhanced navigational instruments. With these improved and more advanced navigational systems the explorers were able to find out more about where countries were located, geographically. The Portuguese constructed plantations and trading posts in West Africa, with many of them making Africa their new homes.
In 1488, Bartholomew Diaz was able to travel to the Cape of Good Hope, which is at the tip of Africa. The Portuguese was able to uncover a sea route that led to India, while…

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