The World Of Earth: The People Of Onose

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The world that we live in today is only here because a brave man named Gabe Parker made a great sacrifice. Before man kind their was a planet called Onose. Onose was a planet that looked over and had control over every solar system. This planet had a population of 1 million people and every language was spoken. In addition, the planet of Onose was very peaceful. Their main goal for millions of years was to create other planets like Onose around the galaxy. The people of Onose discovered that there was a planet with just one island surrounded by water 70 trillion light years away. This planet was the only planet that had water and a source of sun. The people of Onose named this planet Earth because the island was shaped as an ear and “th” is a traditional Onose word that means peace. Furthermore, the people of Onose realized that Earth had potential in becoming a habitable world, so they sent down one man to earth named Gabe.

Gabe was one of the newborn workers that Onose sends to different planets to create life. When Gabe was sent down to earth, he was put in a small capsule that would crash in the middle of the island on Earth. Inside the capsule was a small baby boy connected to many tubes to stay alive during his trip. Onose
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In other words, he exceeded expectations and created a beautiful world. Earth has now been a fully functioning planet for years. Gabe had an idea to create statues of people on each continent so he could easily identify the different areas of Earth. Gabe specifically designed the statues to look different. For example, the statues varied in size, facial features, and body type. After all the statues were built, Gabe had no other objectives to do. Onose had recently sent a message to earth saying that the work of Gabe was no longer needed and now he can return home. This also meant that Gabe lost his ability to be a 500ft giant and went back to his normal

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