Essay on The World Is Going Digital

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Presently, computers are one of the most often used means for drill-and-practice activities, tutorials, and educational games instead of as a learning tool that complements the teacher 's lesson. In this day and age we are transitioning into the age of technology the 21st century where the world is going digital. It is now not only a nicety but a necessity to place computers in the classroom, where they can be available, allows students to use them as a tool. Students need to use technology, not only as a tool to solve problems, but also as part of the learning process. Research has shown that children are "active" learners, its not just about ‘chalk and talk’ for reaching childrens needs in their learning and in the classroom. It has to also do with creating knowledge through bringing meaning into their own experiences. I believe it is important as someone in the field of education to keep learning, and trying new things. In order to always progressing and modifying your approach and strategies, to find the best ways to relate material to your students in methods that they can understand. Our world is constantly being influenced by the change in technology and I believe it is crucial to use technology to improve educational strategies. As an educator, I plan to not only learn from the experience of those professionals I come in counter with, but also to keep up on new inventions and updates and apps that I may incorporate in my own classroom.
Today’s generation has…

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