The World Is A Place Full Of People Essay

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The world is a place full of people who will face different circumstances and situations. At times, it depends on the lifestyle the individual either was born into, involved in, or heavily associated with, that can sometimes be the predictor of how their life will turn out. Whether the circumstances are positive or negative, only that individual can decide what they will allow to influence them. Furthermore, no matter how deep a person is involved in something, he/she will always have the ultimate power to change what does not feel right to them. As Carl Bard (n.d.) said, “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” With that being said, I had the pleasure of interviewing a young man, whom will be referred to as Ryan Cane in this paper. Ryan is a twenty-six year old, African American male. He was born and raised in Youngstown Ohio, to a single teenage mother. His biological father was practically nonexistent throughout Ryan’s childhood. However, his mother did get married to a man who helped raise Ryan since he was a baby. Nevertheless, that relationship ended when Ryan was around the age of fourteen, shortly after his parent split his stepfather was murdered. At that point, Ryan’s life started to make a huge change. At early age of fifteen, Ryan’s mother decided to move Ryan and his siblings down to Georgia; shortly after arriving in Georgia Ryan decided to drop out his sophomore year of high school and…

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