The World Identity Theft Is Becoming More And More Common Essay

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Security is a buzz word for every aspect of your life. Financial, child protection, personal defense, work, and most importantly your personal information that exists. Everyone needs it and everyone will face it in some form in their lifetime. In today’s world identity theft is becoming more and more common. The headlines have been rampant with companies that have been breached and thousands of customer’s information stolen and used.

So how do we stop it? What can we do to protect ourselves? These are very important questions and require important solutions. First, let 's define what networks are and who uses them. Networks are everywhere. Networks are a group of stations, terminals, printers, audio and visual devices linked by a wire or transmitter to receive or share information with others on the same connection. Literally, in this day and age, almost everyone is connected to something somewhere. It doesn’t specifically have to be in your home but banking institutions, schools, coupon cards, facebook, online stores, credit cards, home computers, work computers, hospitals, cell phones and vehicles. Our information can be gathered in pieces or in its entirety. Not all networks are the same. One being hacked might be more catastrophic compared to the other. Some may be life threatening where others may cause minor problems or concerns. With that being said each location has a responsibility and a desire to protect your data just as much as you do.

One of the most common…

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