Essay about The World Famous Phenomenon Of Harry Potter

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On July 31, 1965 one of the world’s greatest authors was born. Her name is J.K. Rowling. She is responsible for creating the world famous phenomenon of Harry Potter. Although she is a best selling author, her hard work and dedication started from a young age. Joanne’s parents played a major role in her love for the written word.

Anne Volant and Pete Rowling met at the age of 18 in 1964 on a train going from King’s Cross Station to Arbroath, Scotland. They were both serving their country. Pete was serving in the British Royal Navy, and Anne was serving in the Women’s Royal Navy Service. They talked for hours on the way to Scotland. Shortly after making arrangements to see each other, they both decided that military life was not for them and they left the service. They continued to see each other afterwards. Soon they were expecting a baby. They got married on March 14, 1965. People could tell she was already in her third trimester of pregnancy.

In the 1960s it was hard for a young couple to raise a child. They moved to Yate and acquired a one-story house. It was not what they had imagined they would live in. Pete got a job working in an aircraft engine factory while Anne stayed home to prepare for the babies arrival. On July 31, 1965 Joanne Rowling was born. They lived in Yate for two years until Joanne’s younger sister, Dianne, was born. They moved from Yate to Winterbourne, four miles away.

Their house on Nicholls Lane was filled with books from floor to…

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