The World During World War II Essay

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1939 was the start of a war, but not just any war a war that would change the face of medicine of so many ways. A war where torture was the main technique used by Germany, and many other surrounding countries. But other than torture the Second World War was a war that involved a lot of medically advances, in German, due to the pressure of German Leaders and society. While many people focus on the Nazi Regime over Germany during World War II; I am going to focus on what happened the the world post the Second World War. When torture and Medicine became a part of our daily lives. Torture being the norm for what you did when you captured a prisoner, or what we would call a “prisoner of war”. And Medicine becoming the answer to all our problems in todays society. When we think of World War II we think of a time when Germany was at the hight of their corruption and power and how we stopped them. I want to take a break from those thought and think of a time where so much evil turned into the progression of the what we believe are “norms” in todays society. I want to think of now; where if you break a bone you can simply go to the doctor and there is an easy fix. I want to think of the Second World War as not only a dramatic change in history but a dramatic change in the way medicine is viewed. The Second World War first of all changed the face of torture. While many of the torture techniques did not arrive until post World War II, throughout the war they adapted and became…

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