The Women 's Suffrage Movement Essay

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The Suffrage Movement refers to the extensive battle for the rights of women, which lasted approximately 72 years. Since the beginning of politics, selectivity as to whom could participate was very biases. Early on, only white, landowning men were allowed the opportunity to participate. As time progressed, the right was extended to all white men; men of color could not vote. Even being a white man, there were requirements that would that needed to be reached before one could vote including showing proof having certain income. This usually applies the wealthier white men of prestige rather than the general public. The restrictions were not limited solely to participate in voting. Nominating, and even running for a position in office rather parallel to the requirements to voting. These rules make it difficult for a common man to vote, so for women, it would be even more so. This started to change when the Women’s Suffrage Movement started around 1848. This movement paved the way to many opportunities for women.
One of the recognized names from the movement was Jane Addams. Addams had a different philosophy from most religious reformers. She believed that there were benefits working with poor and new immigrants because it would teach many volunteers the reality of the underclass people. She along with Ellen Gates Starr founded the Hull House in 1889, a settlement house in the United located on the west side of Chicago, Illinois. The Hull House served as a nursery for mothers…

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