Essay about The Women 's Rights Movement

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The women’s rights movement in the 60’s revolutionized the role of women in society, for the mutual benefit of the condition of women and the economic vitality of American businesses. Today, in the 21st century, there are still lingering effects of persisting sexist cultural attitudes, which prevent young girls and women everywhere from taking the advantage and privilege women fought so hard for in the 60’s. These views have altered the way men and women live today. Over the past 50 years, feminism has taken many roles. Women have sparked a revolution, trailblazers created a path, and then as the years went by women and men have normalized the women’s role in a workplace. But examples of women who have been a part in the participating of the economy, show how it benefits men and women. Movements such as feminism all have a beginning, yet the ending is troublesome and may never be pinpointed.
Betty Friedan, who persuasively voiced the silent thoughts that nobody else would, is credited with sparking the second-movement of women’s rights. Her book “The Feminine Mystique” published in 1963, has a lingering effect and insight in today’s society. Her words were scandalous at the time and ignited a substantial awareness; as we look back it is clear why. Between 1950-1960, women suppressed urges to speak their opinions on issues affecting them to avoid being viewed as unfeminine, or possibly even troubled. The “hidden and unspoken” problem that Friedan makes apparent is the…

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