The Women Of Ancient Rome Essay examples

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In 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted and left Pompeii, a coastal town of 20,000, buried under ash. This small Roman town stayed preserved until it was discovered and excavated in 1748. The frescos, structures, people, and inscriptions of the city give us unparalleled insight into the daily life of people living in the Roman empire. Although many exhibits of Pompeii have been featured around the world, the women of Pompeii are often left out when it comes to a historical analysis of the city, despite their vital contributions to the city not only as mater familias, but as businesswomen and priestesses. Life as a woman in ancient Rome was filled with domestic duties. Most women were expected to take care of their husbands and their houses, and most importantly, have and raise many children. Women were viewed as feebleminded and it was believed that they needed a male guardian in order to behave properly in society and make intelligent decisions. However, women in Pompeii, it appears, had more opportunities in the workforce than women outside of the city. Although many restrictions were placed on women in Pompeii, they generally had increased social status compared with the rest of the empire because those women who were in the upper class were able to receive a thorough education, there were more opportunities for them to work, and women were able to own land and amass great wealth.
As in most societies of antiquity, women in Pompeii did not hold the same rights as men and were…

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