Essay on The Woman And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom By Leslie Bell

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In Leslie Bell’s excerpt Hard to Get: Twenty- Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom, she explains how modern women in the 21st century are torn in between their desires and self-independence. Women face contradicting identities sometimes because of a cultural stereotype or sometimes due to social expectations. According to Bell she believes that young women make senseless decisions when trying to manage their sex lives. Family, friends, and mass media send out “confusing messages” about finding fulfillment. Can women in today’s day and age really have it all? Is it possible for women to fulfill their goals of a acquiring a high paying job, raising a beautiful family of four, driving luxury cars, and living in a brick house with a white picket fence? Nowadays women use both their own free will as well as social messages when trying to determine their identities on top of contradicting messages they receive from family and friends. First off, Leslie Bell makes it clear to her audience that women do not know what they want. They’re “weighed down by vying cultural notions about the kind of sex and relationships they should be having in their twenties. Be assertive, but not aggressive. Be feminine but not too passive. Be sexually adventurous, but don’t alienate men with your sexual prowess…” (Bell 26) This quote shows the paradox that women are facing in today’s day and age. Because of social media, family expectations, and a never-ending fight from within; women…

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