The Witches And The Saint Essay

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The Witches and the Saint What would you die for? What do you believe in? For centuries courageous men and woman have put their life on the line for their extreme beliefs. Contrariwise, in the past there have been many persecutions based on rumors and lies that have exceeded human integrity. Some Equal rights advocates were thought to be crazy, insane or ill because of their extreme beliefs. Joan of Arc was one of those powerful equal rights advocates, she was a French heroine she fought in the battles and that stood up for her beliefs and sadly faced a brutal persecution. Although we are viewing a comparison between the death of one woman and the death of many women, the persecution of Joan of Arc was one of the greatest injustices in the late 1400’s, her persecution was much worse than the Salem witch trials because she was an Advocate, she was a hero. Advocates are brave individuals that come together with groups of people to represent, support and give plenty encouragement to exercise their rights and to ensure the current rights are sustained. In contrast in the book, The Crucible, we learn about many men and women that were falsely accused and put to death with little or no evidence. The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller, as well as, the story of Joan of Arc, is a perfect example of cruel and unjust persecutions. As we compare these two stories, we will see the absolute cruelty that these innocent women and men endured. Both parties were falsely accused of…

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