The Role Of Judge Danforth In The Crucible

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Ever been accused of something that you didn't do? During the year 1692 to 1693 The city of Salem helds the witchcraft trials. In "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, The people of Salem were falsely accused of witchcraft due to Abigail Williams and many girls who say that they had seen people with the devil.Many of the people were hunted or stoned due to having connections with the devil. So Judge Danforth came to town to cleanse the town. But Judge Danforth just wanted to get out there and whoever was accused didn't really have a say so he either hung or stoned them. Judge Danforth is the most responsible for the hangings because he demanded the hangs to happen, he didn't believe the other people's sides expect for Abigail Williams, and he care more about his reputation then he did the peopl …show more content…
He didn't murder them but he did demanded for them to be hang. Because they were accused of witchcraft. Judge Danforth came to Salem to get to the bottom of the witchcraft situation. Once he started hanging people that were innocent he just kept doing it. In "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller Judge Danforth said "Hang them high over the town!Who weeps for these, weep for corruption."(240) This means that whoever he he demands to be hang he wants it high over the town where everybody can see that he cleaning Salem. Whoever weeps for these, weeps for corruption. Whoever weeps for the person that is being hang means that we're involved into the witchcraft

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