The Wister 's Relationship Between The Virginian And Many Of The Other Characters

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Owen Wister develops relationships between the Virginian and many of the other characters. By doing this he shows how friendships either form or are never thought of. Some of the relationships are the Judge, Molly, and Trampas. The Virginian’s relationship with the Judge and Molly are good relationships, but the one with Trampas is not. His relationship with the Judge becomes a friendship because the Judge finds him trustworthy. Molly also becomes a friend of the Virginian because he is trustworthy, but the friendship, which later becomes a bond between the two of them, is made because the Virginian is a gentleman. Finally, from the beginning, the Virginian and Trampas were enemies. This shows a non-friendship that started at the two characters’ first encounter.
One of the first relationships that formed was between the Judge and the Virginian. This friendship is present because of trust. At first the Virginian is only a cowboy who works on a ranch, but he is later hired by the Judge as foreman. At this point the Judge trusts the Virginian greatly. The reason the Virginian is a trustworthy worker is because he he gets his job done efficiently. He also takes it upon himself to never abuse his power. He wants to have employees under him, but he does not want overpower his workers. The Judge has a good and trusting friendship with the Virginian. The Virginian’s workers have this same kind of relationship with the Virginian in the sense that they trust him and…

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