The Wisdom of Whores Essay examples

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Elizabeth Pisani's The Wisdom of Whores - Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS is a great book (along with a great website). Elizabeth Pisani is an epidemiologist with years of experience working on HIV/AIDS (or sex and drugs, as she puts, which sounds a lot, well, sexier) at a variety of agencies, including UNAIDS. The book is the story of her frustrations at the way the international community, national governments, NGOS and AIDS activists have dealt with the epidemics, as well as her hopes in some of the progress made. To me, precisely because the book is data-driven, it was not controversial. My reaction was more, "well, if that's what the data show, so be it." But also, I think, the book was billed as controversial …show more content…
The author does not believe that everyone is at risk, in fact, she tries to explain that it was aimed at sensitizing the public against the dying of ignorance and also emphasizes sexual restraint. She even dismisses the idea by referring to it as, "everyone is at risk nonsense.” According to Pisani, these are all lies. She does, however, accept that these can come from either side of the world. The author uses the name "Indonesian Waria" to refer to Indonesian female transgender sex workers who she feels should get surgery on their genitals. She accepts that this may appear offensive though, and altogether unnecessary. The Waria are usually involved in the spread of HIV/AIDS through their homosexual practices. Transgender is a psychological complication in which one’s gender identity that he or she was born with does not match the gender he or she feels on the inside. They are a particular sex trapped within the body of the opposite sex. Most transgender people often feel for a number of years that they have to be gay since they are attracted to those with opposite body sex. Through this, they spread the virus to fellow males. These groups are not considered gay by the residents of these places for they do not identify with the male sex. As for spending funds on antiretroviral treatments, which is what is common in most African states

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