The Winter, Barn And Horse Essay

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The family was already stressed enough, what with the previous day’s 1⁄2 cm of rain draining the hills and streaming across the floor, its volume increased by the early spring melt. The poorly constructed shack had no floors but dirt that had now become mud, veined with rivulets. With no insulation and chinks in the walls, keeping a near term mother warm and dry was a full time task. The available help was a 14 year old girl and a boy just turned 11. Then there was the earthquake. Small by world standards at a magnitude of 3.7 but it was so close – just a mile to the south. Things would have rattled around but at least the shack survived. With all that they had to cope with the family hardly remembered it.
John Jennings was renting a farm from William Adams (Lot 121A Foley) during the winter, barn and horse included. Mr. Adams and his young family had just settled in Foley from Ireland a mere five years previously and could use some rent. John’s wife, Lucinda Catherine (b 1851, née Dunbar) was pregnant again and the Jennings were more anxious than most as the couple had only two surviving children over their 16 years of marriage – most others would have had 4 or more by this time. It had been 11 years since the birth of their last child, Henry Russell (b 1876). The first born Rosa Evelyn (b 1872) would have to do what she could in assisting her mother where and when she could. In just over a month Lucinda would do a little catching up.
Happily, that one month later, on March…

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