The Wild And Breeding Of Animals Essay

1494 Words Nov 19th, 2015 6 Pages
Imagine being with your family and friends on any given day and all of a sudden someone takes you away from them. This is what parks are doing to get orcas, which is considered to be kidnapping and if it were children instead of whales it would be illegal. They are kidnapping them in the wild and making the orca their entertainment slave so they can gain a profit. What they are doing is inhumane and also not healthy for these orcas. Seaworld and other parks want to entertain people and make money, so they take orcas from the wild and breed them. These orcas are placed in small tanks causing them to have stress and anger. Seaworld plans to make two bigger tanks and ban breeding, but more action needs to be taken for these innocent orcas that are out of their habitat.
Small Tanks Small tanks for killer whales in captivity are poorly affecting them. Killer whales need more space to swim than the small captivity tanks allow them. Orcas are stored in small tanks and then they are put into a little bit bigger tank to perform. A study shows, “[c]aptive orcas are kept in pools that hold 00001% of the quantity of water they would normally traverse in one day” (Techmeier, 2015, 1). Placing these massive killer whales in a concrete box the size of a football field is not healthy. In the wild, they have so much more freedom, which causes them to be more happy unlike captivity. According to the film Blackfish, 100% of orcas in captivity have collapsed dorsal fins, but in the wild less…

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