Essay about The Wife Of Bath, By Geoffrey Chaucer

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The Wife of Bath is perhaps one of the most interesting and vivid characters from Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. While the work is abundant in colorful characters, it is often the Wife that literary lovers are drawn to time and time again. What is the cause of this profound love of her character? Is it her realistic tell-it-as-she-sees-it nature, her lack of self-consciousness, or her zeal for obtaining what she desires? Although all of these are certainly reasons many have fallen in love with the Wife of Bath, it is the amount of detail Chaucer provides that paints such a complete and well-round view of her character. Her lengthy prologue and tale work harmoniously on every facet in order to provide a seamless view of what it is the Wife desires and her viewpoint on love and marriage. As the knight within the tale attempts to discover the age-old question of what it is women most desire, the ideas introduced within her prologue are argued and supported on many occasions, simultaneously providing a better understanding of the Wife’s life and numerous marriages. As the knight embarks on his journey he encounters many diverse opinions regarding what women could possibly long for most. The tale offers the following possibilities: “Some saiden women loven best richesse; / Some saide honour, some said jolinesse, / Some rich array, some saiden lust abedde, / And ofte time to be widow and wedde” (931-934). While at first glance these possible desires seem to be…

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