Disresentation Of Gender In The Wife Of Bath's Prologue By Andrew Marvell

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In Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Wife of Bath’s Prologue” and Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” there are both similarities and differences in regards to gender. The representation of Marvell’s speaker as a male who uses his persistent, manipulative nature outlines his disrespect towards women, and their coyness towards sexuality. Chaucer’s uses of a female as his poems lead challenges the expected female standards of her time; not only is his female character outwardly sexual, but she uses it to manipulate and gain power over her male counterparts. Marvell challenges the dominant male role in a relationship through the manipulation of female sexuality and the bible in order to justify that sexuality. In Geoffrey Chaucer and Andrew Marvell’s poems, there are distinctive representations of disrespect between genders through the manipulation of their opposing genders. Specifically, the speaker …show more content…
She sexualizes them through her manipulation of how she describes their anatomy as more than something for “urine” (Chaucer, 127), but rather as something for “engendrure” (ibid, 134) or procreation, too. This idea outlines her disrespect for the males in her life being there for more than the basics of a relationship, but rather, for her own sexual “ese” (ibid, 133). Furthermore, the wife from Chaucer’s poem sexualizes her husband further when she implies he must “yeelde” (ibid, 136) a debt in order to marry her, which he must pay through sex. In addition, she manipulates the male gender through her choice of whom she marries. She “piked out the beste” (ibid, 45) in terms of their “lower purse (i.e., testicles)” (footnote, 46), which, again, sexualizes males through her manipulation of her choice of men and their sex. This suggests her disrespect for them aside from anything more than their physical

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