Essay The Wife Of Bath, By Geoffrey Chaucer

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One of the most interesting characters found in “The Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer is the Wife of Bath. She appears to be one of the more outspoken and independent characters amongst most women during the medieval times, which causes people to consider her as the first feminist character in literature. The Wife of Bath, also known as Dame Alice, usually gives her own insight and opinions on how a relationship between a man and woman should be carried out. She is described in such a way to provoke shocking responses from the other characters. The Wife of Bath is a headstrong woman, well ahead of her time. Women in the Fourteenth Century were rarely educated and had little to no status in the societal level. However, Dame Alice is from an area of society where it is possible for a woman to have an influence on others. Chaucer distinctly describes Dame Alice at the beginning of ‘The Canterbury Tales.” One of the main features mentioned in the Wife’s prologue is the theme of sex, which is demonstrated frequently in euphemisms. These strategies for relaying her message are powerful whether they are upfront or not. It is also important to note that she is speaking to an audience that consists mainly of males that live in a time that is extremely patriarchal. In the General Prologue, she is described by her physical features such as her legs, feet, hips, and most importantly her tooth-gap, which during that time symbolized sensuality and lust (Chaucer). His description of…

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