The White Veil Of Colonialism Essay

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The White Veil of Colonialism
Europeans who practiced colonialism were motivated by the 3 C’s Culture, Capitalism, and Christianity, which determined the philosophy and the methods they used to conquer foreign lands and people. With each conquest, European colonist inflicted their perceived superior value systems with on their purpose of for colonization. Their cultural value system led to the idea that one’s race determined one’s rank in society. This is significant, because now we have this notion of race as a socially created construct. While Europeans countries were all motivated to some degree by the 3 C’s of colonization. They each had their own method of Colonization. France practiced assimilation, Spain had a view of accommodation, Britain practiced indirect rule, and Germany and the Netherlands were separatist France practiced assimilation and centered on the first C of colonialism, “Culture”. “In theory if Africans accepted French culture and values, they could become assimilated into French culture. It seldom happened in practice however” (Hill,4). Ngugi wa Thi’ongo, a contemporary Kenyan writer, wrote a book about colonialism called Decolonizing the Mind, “arguing that one major effect of colonialism was psychological effect on people (sense of self esteem, etc.). French ‘assimilation’…provide[d] examples: in assimilation, Africans could lose sense of cultural identity and live in a ‘no man’s land.’… disrupted cultural patterns but affected individual…

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