Essay on The White Land Of Dreams

780 Words Nov 16th, 2016 4 Pages
America has always been the lily-white land of dreams, perpetually striving to better their community to match their irreprehensible goals. However, America’s titles are becoming quite ostensible. According to the Washington Post, America has left 1.36 million scholars without a place to live. America’s future is on the streets, and no one seems to think they can do anything about it. No longer does unadulterated hard work guarantee the things the American Dream promises. In fact, it seems as if hard work no longer insures the basic necessity of a place to call home.

For instance, one week ago, 2 female debaters met a student of San Francisco City College- who was concurrently getting his degree in Biomedical Engineering and living in his car. The debaters were trying to get down the staircase in high heels and were doing quite a good job until the stack of innumerous papers in their hands crashed onto the floor. The college student, who was walking his dogs nearby, lost control of the leashes as the 2 puppies surged towards the sound. As the undergraduate ran to the dogs and started helping picking up the fallen material, In way of conversation, the student asked what brought them to San Francisco- to which they replied debate. When asked what brought him to San Francisco, the pupil began to chatter excitedly about getting his degree. Barely able to contain his excitement, he vividly describes the campus, talking about everything from the eccentric habits of his…

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