The Westward Expansion And The Mexican War Essay example

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While America began to expand and become more industrialize, not everybody agreed with the ideas and concepts. Due to the difference in opinion there was a lot of controversy and voiced opinions about the westward expansions. While some Americans supported Westward expansions, there was others who opposed Westward expansions. Also some Americans supported the Mexican War, while others opposed the Mexican war. However, both the Westward expansion and the Mexican war had positive and negative effects to the country we live in today. The Westward expansion gave America a chance to expand its territory, while having a chance double the land area of the United States also increased goods, services and wealth but more importantly it gave Americans freedom; conversely the Westward expansion caused conflicts and the Mexican war. The Westward expansion gave America a chance to get more territory and grow as a country. The territory expansion during the Westward expansion made it possible for the U.S. to acquire more land and in fact, its territory expanded almost 60%. With the United States increasing in land, it open doors to new discoveries, while also giving the American people a chance to experience freedom. However, there wasn’t a lot of Americans thrilled about the idea of going into Native Americans and Mexican territory and taking over their land. It took people like John O’Sullivan in 1839 to speak on the topic so people can have faith about what can come. In 1839, John…

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