The Wee Free Men: Tiffany's Hero Cycle Analysis

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Terry Pratchett's novel, The Wee Free Men, can be interpreted using Joseph Campbell's Hero Cycle analytical tool. With this tool, the theme of Tiffany's development as a witch through her First Sight and Second Thoughts can be effectively analyzed. In the preliminary events of the novel, Tiffany is not only unaware of her possession of First Sight and Second Thoughts, she also does not know she is a witch. At the beginning of the novel, Tiffany is described as "the kind of child who always carried a piece of string" and "[one who has] read the dictionary all the way through" just because "no one told her you weren't supposed to" (Pratchett 14-15, 4). By applying the Hero Cycle, we can understand The Wee Free Men as a description of Tiffany's …show more content…
In this scene, the Kelda recognizes that Tiffany really is "a born hag" and that Tiffany has "the First Sight and Second Thoughts" (157, 158). Additionally, the Kelda explains that Tiffany can "see and hear what others canna, [and] the world opens up its secrets to [her]" (158). Tiffany's ability to use her newfound gift will develop throughout the remainder of the novel, but here is the first time Tiffany is being told that she possesses First Sight and Second Thoughts. When the Kelda chooses Tiffany to be the next leader, she is placing her utmost trust that Tiffany will take care of her clan. She not only recognizes that Tiffany is a true witch of "Sarah Aching's line," she also recognizes her potential as a leader of the Nac Mac Feegle (158). However, with this new title comes additional responsibility, such as choosing one of the Wee Free Men to marry, and this is where the test really occurs. Tiffany must think of a way out of marrying one of the Feegles. This is her first major decision as the new Kelda, and she cannot disappoint. In this test, Tiffany's Second Thoughts tell her that "How [she deals] with this is going to be important" because "[the Feegles are] all watching [her]" (188). Thus, Tiffany shows her creativity in how she decides to avoid marriage. The test is a successful one, and it is in this test that Tiffany gains the constant help of the Nac Mac Feegle throughout her adventure into

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