The Way Sociologists Conduct Sociology And Study Social Problems

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The way sociologists conduct sociology and study social problems begins first with their view on how the world works (Leon-Guerrero 12). The sociological perspective is broken down into four theoretical perspectives, functionalist, conflict, feminist, and interactionist perspective. The difference between the perspectives lies within the level of analysis. Both functionalist and conflict perspective use a macro level of analysis meaning they focus on societal level of analysis. The interactionist perspective focuses on a micro level analysis which means they focus on an individual level of analysis while the feminist perspective can focus on both the macro and micro levels of analysis. Some problems are considered to mean more than others based off of the theoretical perspective you view them from and the level of analysis applied.
A social problem that exists in society today is the amount of hate homosexual people receive from the world. From the feminist perspective this is a group conflict and a form of inequality. Homosexual rights are being made for the homosexual community to be legally married. They have gay pride week every year to show society they are proud to be who they are. From this occurring it has caused uprising hate from religious groups toward the homosexual community but it has also created a larger positive following of support from more open minded people. Many religious groups protest against homosexuality and trying to get laws changed back. The…

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