The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior By Dan Millman

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“The way of the peaceful warrior” is based in a true story combined with fiction, based on the life of Dan Millman, a book that contains romance, adventure and life lesions.
The book begins with the first year of college of Dan, at Berkeley in California. Dan has been a champion gymnast, who wants to be part of the Olympics; always getting great grades; in shape, attractive and popular; and with a wealthy family, but still is something missing in his life. Everything started one night in which Dan wakes up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare he is having. Unable to go back to sleep, he goes to take a walk to a nearby gas station. When he arrive at the gas station he sees an old man, who at the one moment was right in front of
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As result, a better control of emotions and any situations in life.
The way of the peaceful warrior that the author Dan Millman is showing through the story is in this quote “What time is it? Now… Where are we? Here” (Millman 170) The way of the peaceful warrior is to recognize the here and now. From there the knowledge is going to be used and is going to become wisdom.
What Dan Millman is expressing with these words is that in order to become a better version of ourselves it is necessary to be able to accept here and now. We are nothing in nothing in this world, but at the same time we are everything, we are part of the whole and the whole is part of
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It is required to recognize that man is everything because is part of everything. Men does not require to do what others expect from him or her, not even what they expect from themselves, because every person creates their own lives. Until the moment when men accept that is not only body, because it is much more than a simple structure of bones, muscles and body fluids. Until that moment men will be able to accept the here and now like Dan did. Every person is in charge of its own life and creating its own destiny. You can chose to be a peaceful

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