The Waste Of Our Medicine Essay

761 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Did it ever occur to you that the same drug that it saving you could be harming another life? Well, studies have shown that the way we dispose of our medicine can be toxic, not only to ourselves, but to the marine life as well. When we throw our medicine down the drain, in the trash or the toilet, we are polluting the water and environment around us with chemicals that are harmful to the aquatic life. People assume that throwing their drugs in the trash is a good solution to this problem because they aren 't disposing of them in a direct water stream. This thought process is extremely flawed because it will eventually just get absorbed into the ecosystem. A recent study has shown that fish are being tested positive for certain human hormones. This is due to the medicines they are being exposed to and absorbing, specifically birth control and testosterone (Dr. Thomas Cohen, Proper Opioid and painkiller Disposal, Another study has shown that there have been “high levels of pharmaceutical residues that they are detecting in rivers and coastal waters across the world”(Anne Foy, The Effects of the Pharmaceutical Industry on the Ocean, As the production of medicine by pharmaceutical companies increases, so does the threat to marine life. Unfortunately, this isn 't an issue caused by the individual alone, big companies and organizations are contributing to this issue as well by failing to properly dispose of medications. A huge…

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