The Warmth Of Other Suns By Isabel Wikerson Essay

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The novel “The Warmth of Other Suns” by Isabel Wikerson follows the the stories of three African Americans who made the decision, along with millions of others, to leave the south in the early to mid twentieth century. Wilkerson follows their struggles during their time in the south and the barriers that they had to overcome to simply leave this area of prosecution.
The Jim Crow South was a place defined by brutal violence and inequality rivaling that of the prior years with slavery. As is evidenced by the stories of Ida Mae, George Starling, and Pershing Foster, African Americans were subjugated, and became accustomed, to lives as second class citizens throughout the entirety of the Jim Crow era. This idea of being second class citizens was forced upon them in many ways, the first being through the violence that was not only not prohibited against blacks, but also the lacking of caring on the part of the state governments. For example, Ida mae grew up in a small town where a white man would come through weekly and start firing of shots at any black man, woman, or child that he came across. This went on and on and the government never persecuted him for anything. However, when the tables flipped and an African American was accused of the slightest wrong, for example opening the door for a white woman and saying something that she was uncomfortable with, or being accused of stealing a turkey, as happened with Ida Mae’s husband’s cousin, Joe Lee, they could be tortured and…

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