The Warming Of The Ozone Layer Essay

1217 Words May 17th, 2015 5 Pages
The world weather as you know it is becoming unstable. The winters lasting longer than they should, summers being extremely hot, odd weather patterns these are all because the ozone layer is disappearing from us using fossil fuels as power sources. There are ways to preserve the part of the ozone layer we have left and that is to use sustainable energy sources. There are many ways of sustainable energy: solar, thermal, wave, water, and more. Some of the sustainable energies produce greenhouse gasses that help protect the ozone layer. You might be wondering what the world is going to come to when the ozone layer disappears; well wonder no more there are multiple ways that people are trying to preserve the ozone layer by finding alternative ways of making and using energy other than using fossil fuels as a power source. Let’s start with the beginning of when everything started, when the first time humanity used sustainable energy. A long time ago “. . . humans discovered a way to generate their own energy from wood, somewhere between 500,000 and 700,000 years ago, by most scientists’ estimates” (Cruden). They found ways of using the energy they got from wood with things they do daily. The “. . . wood burned for warmth: preparing food, change forms of materials; clay into pots or bricks, metal (copper, bronze, and iron) into tools” (Cruden). They found these ways of using wood as an energy source very helpful and even still use wood for some of those ways to this day even.…

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