The War Was Unjust By Tim O ' Brien Essay example

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If I Die in a Combat Zone, author Tim O’Brien, argued that the Vietnam War was unjust yet there was still a sense of humanity left, through his depictions of himself, O’Brien and his fellow soldiers in their daily life in combat, how he was brought into the war, and through his self reflection about his actions as a combat soldier before he returned home.
If I Die in Combat Zone, talks about O’Brien and the other soldiers time in combat. Things in their daily lives made O 'Brien believe that the war was unjust because there were many mistakes made by the U.S. Army throughout the war. One of those mistakes was when one of the U.S soldiers accidently shoots a vietnamese woman. Although the woman was with the North Vietnamese Army, the American soldier felt bad for shooting her because it was not a kill shot. She laid there suffering while flies were flying around the wound as she was squeezing the blood out of the wound in the attempt to quicken her death (O’Brien 112-113).
Another thing that O’Brien felt was wrong, was that they took three hostages from a village after finding a gun in the bush by a watering well. They took the three old men and tied them to a tree and left them there all night. O’Brien and his friend Bates wanted to let the men go, and was hoping that the lieutenants would. Instead the lieutenants beat the old men to try to get them to talk about the gun (O’Brien 130-131). One of the biggest mistakes that they made was when they invaded a village that…

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