Essay on The War Thrust Women Into The Workforce

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The war thrust women into the workforce to fulfill the labor shortage and keep productions running. Before the war, some women, primarily minorities, worked outside the house. With so many men away at war, the numbers of women employed outside the home grew exponentially. But even so, women struggled to balance their lives at home while performing their work duties for the country. Many married women remained in the traditional role because the idea of them working was hard for middle class Americans to come to terms with. However, the ones who did acquire a job decided to quit working because of the inconveniences it caused with transportation and childcare. Nevertheless, many married women remained in the workforce even after the war ended.
At first, the government was discouraged about changing the gender roles, but then came to realize if they wanted the war to be successful they would need all available resources. Men at home opposed the idea of a woman working in a man’s field. Many states even went as far as passing laws against married women working. Women eventually ended up having to prove their worth for the duration of the war. General Kells said, “We can use more women in both kinds of jobs, office administrative workers and the skilled women who take over a man’s Job. [w]e need them to release men” during his interview with Boston post. World War II helped generalized a new found appreciation for working women. Regardless of their hard work, most men’s…

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