The War Significance Of The Israeli Jordanian Peace Process Essay

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The war significance for the Israeli-Jordanian peace process:
At the end of the Six-Day war, Jordan also suffered from a major defeat. King Hussein wrote in his diaries: “I have to admit that once June was over, it took me a long time to understand, digest and face up to what had happened. It was like a dream or, worse yet, a nightmare.” (Wolf, P.163, 2015). Jordan lost the entire West Bank and East Jerusalem. These territorial losses had significant consequences for two reasons.
First, the loss of East Jerusalem, a territory with a significant religious importance, was a blow to the legitimacy and role of Jordan in the Arab world. Jordan occupation of East Jerusalem gave a sense of pride and legitimacy to the Jordanian Hashemite monarchy who claimed direct blood ties to Muhammed. Secondly, the West Bank was an important part of the Jordanian economy. A study that was done right after the war estimated that the West Bank accounted for as much as forty percent of the Jordanian economy (Kanovsky, P.289, 1968). But this was not the only economic toll on the Jordanian. Jordan had to accept between 250,000 to 300,000 Palestinian refugees that fled from the West Bank. This additional refugee wave helped to increase tensions between the unbalanced Palestinian and Jordanian societies within Jordanian borders and these refugees helped to trigger the civil war in 1970.
Postwar Jordan was economically, demographically, and politically unstable. Some estimates even claimed that Jordan…

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