The War Of War Bonds Essay

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In this advertisement, the author seeks to persuade the audience to contribute to the war by purchasing war bonds. This photo is geared towards the American people, particularly the workforce. This ad generates an emotion towards the American people by showing them that they can participate and help win this current war; even without having to be in the military. This also brings a sense of patriotism to Americans. If they purchase war bonds, then they will be protecting their homeland. In this photo, the author attempts to reach his audience through the use of pathos and ethos. These tactics are reaching the audience through an emotional level, which triggers an action and produces essential persuasion. This advertisement is persuading the audience to buy war bonds for them to be able to maintain their protection and security. This advertisement captures the American workforce attention through the use of pathos. The author appeals to the emotion of the workers to buy war bonds for their security. With the creation of the United States of America, freedom has been a consistent luxury. One of the main reasons for freedom to be available to American is through the security of the country. With this war taking place, the security of the nation became under attack. Through the use of pathos, the author makes his audience feel persuaded to buy war bonds, so that they will be able to keep their freedom and security. The author grabs the emotion of the audience through pathos…

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