Essay on The War Of War And War

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Patriotism. Glory. Serving and being a part of something bigger. These concepts tend to be attached to joining a military and serving to fight in a war, and the glorification of war and fighting strikes the hearts and minds of much of the populace. However, none of these concepts and glorifications are found in reality. Morality, and the will to fight is shaken under the truth of war and the distinction from right and wrong is blurred. Forms of expression like art, music, and more recently, films have been created to show those who are safe from war’s grasp its raw naked form, and the effects that transpire to the men that experienced it. Films, especially, are effective in conveying messages to a massive amount of people, as they are effective in engaging an audience to their topic. Films are powerful at communicating messages about war because of effective storytelling, basis in real life events and examples, and the sheer reality of the presented content. With the 20th and 21st century seeing much loss in human life, many films about war had been created to send across the message of war and its consequences. Some examples of these films include Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, and In the Valley of Elah. Platoon is about Chris Taylor, a naive young man who left college to join the war in Vietnam. Taylor was assigned to two officers with very different ideals and personalities. When an illegal killing happened during a village raid, a divide occurred not only between…

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